Monday , 17 May 2021
Take Email Open Rates from under 20% to over 60%

Take Email Open Rates from under 20% to over 60%

Is your email on life support?

For many years Email Marketing was one of the best tools for delivering quality leads, repeat business and generally staying in touch with your clients. Then of course along came SPAM and ruined it for everyone. Most companies now struggle to get an open rate over 20% with click rates in the low single figures. If this sounds familiar read on as we may be able to help.

Facebook allows us to import your email list to create a custom audience to use for retargeting your content to. This means instead of less than 20% of people opening your email we are seeing rates as high as 60% of these audiences interacting with your content/offers leading to much higher engagement and sales.

Best of all you are also able to reach these people with a higher frequency, say once a week, compared to your typical monthly email out.

If you’d like more of your customers to see more of your offers more often, give us a call and let us set you up with a trial campaign so you can see how effective this can be.

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