Monday , 17 May 2021

Know when your fans are online

Content is without doubt the easiest and hardest part of any successful Facebook strategy. On the surface it appears pretty simple, take a cool photo add a witty status and voila! The problem is that as Facebook users like more and more pages, gain more friends, and more advertisers join the site, the precious News Feed real estate is getting filled quickly. For your page to keep showing organically within users feed you need a solid content strategy not a ‘Whoops I haven’t posted in a week, better through this picture of a cute cat up’ type approach.

One simple place to start is by reviewing your posts past performance. Shown in the graphic below this shows the peak times of the day your fans are online and most likely to see your content. Now you know this start scheduling your posts to go out at these peak times of the day to give you a head start over any other time of the day.