Monday , 17 May 2021

7.5 Tips to reach more Fans with your Facebook Posts

The big change many Facebook Business Page owners have seen in the last year on Facebook has been the rapid decline of Organic Engagement. This will only continue in the coming months so it has become more important than ever to have a great content strategy and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Below are some of the most effective ways to turn around this slump in engagement and drive the best results from your Facebook Page.

1 – Post Timing
One of the easiest things to do is post when your fans are online! Simply look over the insights on your page to see when most of your fans are online and post then. For most this isn’t convenient so use the many scheduling tools which will allow this.

2 – Post Frequency
Facebook engagement is built on momentum so make sure you decide on a Frequency and stick with it – for most pages this is every second day. If you get busy, forget or go on holiday, a 5-10 day gap between posting will kill any engagement you had and penalise you heavily.

3 – Post Type
We know Video & Photos are the most engaging posts so try to avoid text only posts or link posts unless required. Make sure photos are sized correctly to take advantage of the best use of the space Facebook allows with each post.

4 – Video for the Win
Video is the single most engaging content you can run on Facebook as it now autoplays on mobile and is the easiest for the user to consume. For Businesses it’s also a great way to explain many features of a product or business and deliver a much more thorough message. If you don’t have video available you will be surprised to find how affordable our video packages are. CLICK HERE to see some examples and learn more.

5 – The Age of ‘Pay to Play’
The days of hundreds of comments and likes for FREE are well behind us sadly. As users like more and more pages and connect with more friends the amount of content vying for their Newsfeed means less and less of your posts will get through. Having a well planned and executed ad strategy is key to getting the most from your ad spend AND maximising the free organic traffic that will flow as a result of this ad strategy. Download our FREE ebook ‘Facebook Advertising explained for Australian Businesses’ if you want help with ad campaigns.

6 – Don’t be that Guy
Remember not to simply ‘broadcast’ all week on Facebook. People are following you for interesting information, behind the scenes snippets, helpful tips not just to buy your product. Try and limit sales orientated posts to one per week for best results.

7 – Give your Fans something to Enjoy!
Your Fans want to see some love and enjoy their time following you. All of our clients run monthly promotions and fun engaging games to drive engagement sky high and build email databases at the same time. Call us on 1300 98 94 99 to learn how these work or view just some of the games available on our NZ site here 

BONUS – To Boost or not to Boost?

Facebook has of course addressed this dramatic drop in organic engagement with the addition of that tempting little BOOST POST button which is now below each post. While it can be tempting to boost some posts to increase the likes & comments, the quality of this traffic is typically very poor and unless you have a Facebook Ad Strategy in place you will see little long term benefit from this. By using the boost button you are missing out on all the best features of Facebook Advertising such as niche targeting, ad split testing, custom audiences, conversion tracking and most importantly retargeting campaigns (Learn how effective Retargeting is here).

If you are serious about seeing the best results from your Business Facebook Page simply fill in your details below and one of our team will get in touch to give you a quick FREE Page Review to make suggestions on where you can improve.