Monday , 17 May 2021

Retail Customer Catcher

How good would it be to reconnect digitally with all those people who walk through your store each day. How frustrating is it to watch someone come in and browse, only to leave without purchasing?

Think of the Retail Customer Catcher as the real world answer to retargeting!

This tablet based tool allows your staff to engage new customers with fun incentives to return to store while capturing their data.
This allows you to;

✓ Attract new customers back in store with incentives
✓ Build an email database of your actual shoppers
✓ Retarget users on Facebook to drive online and in store sales

If you have a retail store, this simple tool can add literally thousands in sales.

We build a custom spinning wheel game for you that works on ipad or tablet. Users are encouraged by staff and instore promotional material to ‘Spin the Wheel’ for a chance to win either a grand prize or a guaranteed discount voucher. Vouchers can be either for immediate use or for use on their next purchase, and you choose all the variables. The user provides their name and email and through a pixel placed on the game we are also able to reach these users with Facebook Retargeting  to bring them back in store and advise of your future sales and events.

There are many variations to this promo including;

– Send special one use codes to existing customers to encourage past customers back in store by winning incentivised vouchers
– Target new customers using Facebook Ads to drive new business in store
– Offer instant prizes on the wheel for instore activity

If you’re interested in setting up a campaign  for your business, simply give us a call on 1300 98 94 99 or email us.

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