Monday , 17 May 2021

Facebook Retargeting Explained

Think about the last time you visited a website for the very first time…. Did you buy? Over 98.5% of you didn’t, we know that much! Of course that is not surprising as consumers like to research and understand a product before jumping in with the credit card.

Facebook Retargeting allows you to reconnect with these potential customers and continue educating them about your products exposing them to your brand until they are ready to buy. Some of our current clients are seeing up to 3x higher conversion rates by simply adding retargeting to their marketing mix.

When a customer visits your website a pixel we have loaded on your site fires to Facebook and then Facebook adds this customer to a specific database. This can be generic (like everyone who visits your site) or specific (say people who are looking for one product only). We then create a specific Facebook ad message designed to reach this user a day or two after their visit with more information and more compelling reasons to come back to your website and purchase. This can take several different forms;

Facebook Post Retargeting
After visiting your website about renting a Frozen Yoghurt Van for an upcoming school fair they see a promoted post in their Facebook feed.


Video Retargeting
Anyone who watches your video on Facebook is then served a specific ad a few days later to drive them to your website. This is particularly useful for anyone running video promotions as current click through rates from video can be very low.


Competition Post Retargeting
New fans are attracted to your page through an engaging Timeline Competition. After the competition closes they see an advert offering the product they were wanting to win at a discounted rate.


Facebook Game Retargeting
After users have played your Facebook game they then see adverts in their Facebook feed about related products or events. This is a great way to reconnect with potential new customers who have been attracted by the viral game.


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