Saturday , 6 March 2021

Click through links now available for video content

In the past week or so you may have noticed you can now add click through links to the end of your video content on Facebook. What this now means is that after watching your video your fans are given an option to click through for more information. This may be to buy tickets, learn more about your product or buy the product being promoted.


Whilst on the surface this seems like great news there are many things to consider before running these campaigns;

  1. People are not used to clicking through at the end of videos. We are trained that once a video finishes, or is even near finishing, to click back or out.
  2. If your video is longer than 30 seconds you have probably lost many of your watchers before they get to the end.
  3. Where will your link take the user?
  4. Is your link mobile friendly? (80%+ of your fans will be watching this video on mobile)

Some best practises to work with are as follows;

  1. Keep your videos short and to the point
  2. Add your call to action into the video. Voice over or text saying “click the link at the end of the video….”
  3. Promote your video campaigns so you can increase the reach of the video.
  4. Study your insights to see how your fans interacted with the video.
  5. Split test different ad campaigns with conversion tracking to see which demographics are reacting best to your video, and most importantly WHO IS BUYING!

The insights of video posts now offer extensive data for you to analyse and really determine what’s going on with each video. You’ll see in the screenshots below we can now see video views, unique views, link clicks, shares, likes and when users stopped watching. Make sure you are regularly looking at this information and using this data to produce better videos and improve on your learnings.


If you want to run Product Ads or need help with your Facebook ad strategy give us a call on 07 5593 3731. 

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