Saturday , 6 March 2021

Facebook Local Awareness Ads are coming


At the moment if you are small business owner and want to target only the potential customers around your business, the options are limited and not that effective. If you choose for example to target everyone over 30 in Takapuna for your restaurant, the total audience is less than 1000 people. The result of this campaign will almost certainly be little to no reach with such a small target audience.

Facebook’s new ad unit will work in a much smarter way by allowing you to target people within a certain radius of your store (based on the address you have loaded on your page). Facebook’s algorithm will then do all the hard work and only push your ad message to the mobile feeds of users when they enter your zone, allowing for very precise calls to action.

This kind of precision will allow restaurants for example to run a 3 hour ad campaign promoting a 50% off all lunch mains deal. The person who just got off the bus in Takapuna will see this ad, whereas the businessman who lives in Takapuna but works in the city won’t see the ad. The result for the advertiser means even more laser precision and optimisation with little or no wasted spend on an ad campaign.

The options for this new ad unit are many and varied and will also allow SMBs to run a LIKE campaign to attract only fans directly within their target area.


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Alternatively if you’re thinking about running an ad campaign yourself you must read ‘Facebook Advertising for Australian Businesses explained’.   This in depth look at Facebook Ads from our Facebook Advertising Specialist Thomas reveals the full potential of a well executed Facebook Ad Campaign.

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