Monday , 14 June 2021

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How does Retargeting work?


By now most companies are aware of Retargeting and many are running campaigns on both Google & Facebook. In fact 65% of companies report that they plan to double their investment in Retargeting in 2019. However Retargeting is so much more than the simple – Customer didn’t purchase Nikes from your website, so chase them around their web browsing for ... Read More »

Facebook Canvas

canvas GIF-source

Introducing Canvas, A Full-Screen Ad Experience Built for Bringing Brands and Products to Life on Mobile With the digital world becoming ever more dominated by mobile use it should come as no surprise to learn that more than 85% of all Facebook traffic is on mobile these days. One of the areas we often see clients struggling with is their ... Read More »

Instagram Stories offer the only Immersive Full Screen Mobile Ad experience


We’ve recently been trialling Instagram Stories campaigns for clients with some phenomenal results. This ad format is the only ad across Instagram and Facebook which offers a full screen immersive experience meaning there is nothing but your brand front and centre. These ad units are primarily used for brand based messages but also offer a click through option which adds ... Read More »

The 2018 Facebook Numbers


Below is a breakdown of some of the latest data from Facebook courtesy of Hootsuite and We are Social. WHO IS ON FACEBOOK The numbers below are somewhat skewed by a large portion of developing countries having a much higher male ratio than western countries. WHERE ARE THEY VIEWING FROM As you can see mobile has continued it’s dramatic rise ... Read More »

Personalised Prize Competitions Win the Day!


When setting Facebook Strategy goals often the KPI will be set as new fans or Branding but rarely does it encompass both. Recently one of our clients has seen great success by utilising personalised prizes to keep the Brand front in centre while focusing on new fan growth and engagement across both Facebook and Instagram. This recent Reaction Timeline Competition ... Read More »

Take Email Open Rates from under 20% to over 60%


Is your email on life support? For many years Email Marketing was one of the best tools for delivering quality leads, repeat business and generally staying in touch with your clients. Then of course along came SPAM and ruined it for everyone. Most companies now struggle to get an open rate over 20% with click rates in the low single ... Read More »

7.5 Tips to reach more Fans with your Facebook Posts

The big change many Facebook Business Page owners have seen in the last year on Facebook has been the rapid decline of Organic Engagement. This will only continue in the coming months so it has become more important than ever to have a great content strategy and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Below are some of the most ... Read More »

Video Creation Packages

Video content is currently outperforming all other content on Facebook and Instagram as our mobile useage of these apps continues to skyrocket. We are seeing clients with good quality video as part of their marketing mix consistently outperforming others with photo only strategies. The problem with video has traditionally been the high costs associated with producing great looking content. With ... Read More »

Online advertising to overtake TV within the next year

Online Advertising Online advertising is expected to overtake TV advertising in size next year, a much more bullish forecast than in last year’s report, when that milestone was forecast for 2019. It’s the same prediction as recently made by eMarketer (among others), which at the time also envisioned mobile rivaling TV in ad dollars in 2020. PwC predicts that online advertising ... Read More »

Retail Customer Catcher


How good would it be to reconnect digitally with all those people who walk through your store each day. How frustrating is it to watch someone come in and browse, only to leave without purchasing? Think of the Retail Customer Catcher as the real world answer to retargeting! This tablet based tool allows your staff to engage new customers with ... Read More »